Establishment in the Principality of Monaco

We assist and advise legal persons and natural persons to complete all of the administrative steps required for their establishment in the Principality of Monaco:

• Setting up companies: Monegasque limited company (S.A.M.), limited liability company (SARL),a limited partnership (S.C.S.),private company (S.N.C.), non-trading companies (S.C.I., S.C.P.)

• Establishing branches and administrative offices of foreign companies

• Establishing sole proprietorships

• Residency Card Applications


Setting up a company in Monaco

Except for Monegasque nationals, the carrying out of any business, trade, industry or profession in the Principality of Monaco is subject to the prior authorisation of S.E.M. the Minister of State, whether that the said activity is carried out in sole trader or partnership/company.

Some regulated activities may also require specific authorization (banking and financial activities, real estate, legal, accounting, etc.).

More information relating to setting up a company in Monaco

Our purpose is to offer our clients a bespoke service so that they can concentrate on the business aspects of their project’s development.

Regardless of the business being contemplated, we assist and advise our clients during the different stages of setting up a legal entity:

• Legal form

• Drafting of Articles of Association

• Definition of the corporate “purpose”

• Drafting of legal documentation

• Collection of the documents required for the application to be submitted to the Department of Economic Expansion, and where appropriate, any other authority at stake.

We also carry out all the “post-authorisation” steps required by Law:

• Registration at the Register of Trade and Industry

• Publication formalities

• Registration of the activity with the Tax Administration

• Registration with social organisations such as social security, etc.

If necessary, we work with different local professionals regarding the search for a registered office, the opening of a bank account, etc.

Regarding non commercial activity, it is worth noting that incorporating a Monegasque Civil partnership does not require a prior authorisation. Consequently, the formalities of incorporation are much simpler. Again, we offer our clients “turnkey” solutions for the development of personal projects relating to real estate, wealth, etc.


Residency Card Applications

Any foreign individual (including EU nationals) older than 16 years old who wishes to have his/her domicile in the Principality of Monaco or who wishes to stay more than three months per year, must apply for a “Residence Card” from the competent authorities.

More information relating to the conditions to obtain the residency card in Monaco

To this end, we assist our clients to complete all of the administrative steps required, and in particular in:

• Obtaining any necessary long-term visas (“visa d’établissement”)

• Collecting all of the requested documents

• Filling out the application form

• Preparing for the preliminary interview

• Renewal of the residence permit after its expiry date.

We also assist the applicant (whose attendance is compulsory) during the interview with the inspectors of the residency department of the Monaco Police.

We ensure the subsequent follow-up of the application, we liaise with the administrative authorities, in particular by providing any potential additional requested information.

We can also refer our clients to real estate agents located in the Principality, when relating to the purchase/renting of a house/apartment, and to local banks relating to the opening of a bank account.



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