Defence Attorney (Avocat-Défenseur)

Thomas GIACCARDI was admitted to the Monaco Bar in 1999, and has created his law firm the same year.

He offers a diverse skill set. Since the founding of the firm, he has focused on building deep relationships with his clients based on mutual trust. Through his contacts and relationships, he has the ability to mobilize resources in the Principality and abroad with partner firms.

Thomas GIACCARDI is a generalist practitioner, which has specialised in business law, with a particular emphasis on criminal business law.

At ease with complex transactions, and applying a pragmatic and holistic approach, he prepares the most optimal legal strategies for negotiations and litigation.

He has extensive experience of transnational litigation, and cases with strong media impact.

He was elected Member of the Monegasque Parliament in 2003, and was involved in the Company Law reforms, and in the adoption of numerous laws in financial and civil matters.

Working languages

• French
• English
• Italian
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